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Is the more power of the switching power supply the better?


In practical applications, is the power of the switching power supply the greater the better? The answer is: No.

In fact, for example, the actual power consumption of the LED device is 150-250W (depending on its working state).So if the 200W power supply is used, the equipment will lead to insufficient power supply at high power operation, if the 250W power supply is just right,If you use 400W power, it's a waste,therefore, how much power the device uses depends entirely on the device configuration and working environment, and it is not necessarily the bigger the better.Because the efficiency conversion of a high-power power supply is very low when working in a low-power state,You don't need to always ask for high power,If the power supply is too large, it is likely that the typical load of less than 50% is usually less than the cost of electricity.If the power is too small, the power supply voltage changes frequently and it is easy to burn the hardware,And the price of different power supplies are not the same, the greater the power, the higher the cost, So the switching power supply is good enough to use.

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