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Switching power supply tips


1. Maintaining a good ventilation environment is conducive to the heat dissipation of the power supply, which is very important to prolong the life of the power supply.

2. The connecting wire between the output terminal of the power supply and the load should follow the principle of short wiring. If the connecting wire is too long or the wire core is too small, it will cause a voltage drop on the line, and the loss on the connecting wire will turn into heat, which may cause safety hazards. (The wiring should follow: 1mm² allows 6A current).

3. Overpower or load short circuit will cause automatic protection of the power supply, causing the power supply to fail to work normally.

4. When wiring, strictly follow the principle of safe use of electricity, and pay attention to distinguishing the polarity of input and output terminals and terminal wiring, so as to avoid damage to the product by connecting wrong wires.

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