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Are you still struggling to choose a power supply model?


Guangzhou Yuxiang teach you how to choose the power supply:

1, confirm the required input voltage, the power input voltage used in different regions is different. (Input voltage 110V/220V)

2, the output voltage of the power supply must be equal to the load voltage, if the voltage does not meet the possibility of burning the equipment or can not start. (If the output voltage of the power supply you use is 12V, the power supply with the output of 12V must be selected, and 5V or 24V can not be selected.)

3, the output power of the power supply must be greater than the load power, otherwise when the output current is greater than the overload protection current, it will cause the overload protection to start, and the device cannot operate normally. (If the load power is 200W, it is best to choose 250W.)

4, the output current of the power supply must be greater than the load starting current, otherwise it may cause the start overload protection, resulting in failure to start.

Keep the above four points in mind to easily choose a power supply model.

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