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Such a high quality waterproof power supply, will you be tempted?


Through strict material selection, exquisite technology and mature and stable production and layers of quality control,Finally presented in front of us, high-quality, stable operation of waterproof switching power supply, you will be tempted?

1, All aluminum shell good heat dissipation.

2, Automatic glue filling machine, high efficiency and good waterproof performance.

3, Power supply 100% full load aging detection, stable constant voltage current output.

4, Fully sealed glue, in line with IP67 waterproof power supply standard. With short circuit, over-load, over-voltage protection function.


5, Ultra-thin design, easy to install, power supply can adapt to harsh working environment.

6, Because of focus so professional, welcome friends from all walks of life to guide and negotiate cost-effective, efficient, safe and durable waterproof power supply.

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