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Basic principles of DC power supply selection


A DC power supply is a power supply that provides direct current (DC) voltage to a device. In the circuit diagram of DC power supply, low-voltage conversion, rectification, continuous filtering and voltage regulation are the four main stages of voltage regulation.What factors do we need to consider before selecting a DC power supply?

1. Consider the maximum voltage and current required.

2, the number of DC power output voltage channels, confirm the multiple output.

3, DC power supply performance indicators: including ripple, noise, voltage/current accuracy, load adjustment rate, output temperature coefficient and other parameters, these parameters directly affect the stability and reliability of the power supply, is a factor that must be considered when choosing the power supply.

4, short circuit protection: Check the short circuit protection to ensure that your power supply will not damage your equipment.

5. Stability and reliability of power supply. Stability refers to the power supply output voltage, current is stable, reliability refers to the life of the power supply, failure rate and so on.

6, budget: price is an important factor that must be considered when choosing switching power supply, different brands, different models of power supply prices vary greatly, need to choose according to their own budget, considering various factors to meet their needs and budget of the power supply.

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