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Common indoor power supply use precautions


1.Only qualified professionals can install and debug the equipment, and they must comply with the relevant safety regulations of the country in which they are located to prevent accidents.

2.the operator must comply with the relevant national regulations.

3.The power grounding terminal is connected to the power grid ground cable through a wire

4.All wires connected to the terminal must have adequate insulation protection and meet the requirements of the use of the wire diameter.

5.Ensure that the switching power supply has sufficient air convection when in use.

6.The power supply device is a built-in device. After installation, the terminal area must be insulated. For example, install the power supply device in the distribution box or control cabinet to avoid accidental electric shock.

7.Ordinary indoor switching power supply is only suitable for safe use in non-tropical climate conditions in areas with an altitude of 2000mm and below

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